Friday, August 21, 2015

BNP demanded that the extrajudicial killing be stopped.

By Bangladesh Media; Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP yesterday alleged that the government resorted to extrajudicial killings after being frightened of a serious slide in law and order situation. The Daily Star reports. The party also feared the government might start killing the opposition men after the recent killings of “several ruling party men in crossfire”.
The BNP also demanded that the extrajudicial killing be stopped.
Addressing a briefing at the party's Nayapaltan central office, BNP spokesperson Asaduzzaman Ripon said law and order deteriorated to such a level that the government resorted to “crossfire” to maintain it instead of taking legal measures.
“Killing in the crossfire can't be any solution for tackling the deterioration of law and order. The government has created panic in the country by doing it,” said Ripon, also BNP international affairs secretary.
Pointing to the killings of several AL men over the last couple of days, Ripon said criminal activities such as abuse of children and rape marked a sharp rise, but the “crossfire” could not be any tool to maintain law and order.
The BNP was always against the extrajudicial killing, whoever the victim was, Ripon said.
“The BNP thinks law and order can improve easily without resorting to crossfire if the political stalemate is resolved, and freedom of expression and freedom of media can be ensured,” he added. 
The BNP leader also reiterated the party's call for holding a free, fair and inclusive election to “restore” peace in the country.
Meanwhile, two left-wing political parties and a human rights body yesterday condemned the extrajudicial killing.
In a joint statement, Communist Party of Bangladesh President Mujahidul Islam Selim and Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal General Secretary Khalequzzaman protested the recent spate of extrajudicial killings in the name of “crossfire”.
In another statement, Human Rights Forum Bangladesh, a platform of 19 rights organisations, said the extrajudicial killing was an extreme violation of human rights.

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