Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Country in the list: Pakistan

What is happening at Swat valley in Pakistan?

S. M. Anwar Hossain; What is happening at the valley of Swat in Pakistan? Notorious Pakistani Army already have been accused of Extra Judicial Killing in Swat and different parts of Pakistan. But now we have found another video footage that contains unarmed civilian are being killed in Swat. Which was released by the website and later it was published in the Face Book page of the Pashtuns' International Association ( PIA), "is a forum of individuals and civil society organizations committed to project the true aspirations of the pashtun nation", as per the Face Book site.

The objectives of Pashtuns' International Association ( PIA) are to "promote, strengthen and maintain peace and stability among the pashtun communities throughout the world. Pashtuns' International Association ( PIA) promotes dialogues and discussion on different social (Peace, Democracy, Human Rights) Pashtu Language and Political issues".

We could not verify the authenticity of the video footage and the identity of the perpetrators that who are these peoples in Civil dressed and armed!
It could be noted that Pakistani Army is fighting against Taliban and other Mujaheddin in Swat since 2009, in which it is said -it killed 4000 militants and unarmed civilians in and near the Swat valley.


  1. Very Good Report. We should Protest against this kind of uncivilized and dirty attitude of RAB & Police . They have to remember we are human . we are not wild animal for hunting. They should remember they are also human , not wild animal.

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