Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Man Killed by RAB

Here Prime Minister breaks her promise!

By Bangladesh Media; A 35-year-old man was killed by the Rapid Action Battalion in ‘gunfight’ at Manikdi in Dhaka. The victim’s family alleged that someone had him killed centring on a land dispute. The incident took place just after the prime minister's meeting with the human rights leaders during her visit in London. The prime minister assured the HR leaders that she will take action if anybody found guilty and will act to stop extra judicial killing in Bangladesh.

The deceased, Azgar Ali, a resident of Utrapur Araihazar in Narayanganj, had dealt in brick and had been involved fish farming in the area, the family said. Tuesday’s incidents took to eight the number of people, killed in the incidents of ‘crossfire,’ ‘gunfight’ or ‘encounter’ since January 1.

Two hundred and thirty-eight people have so far fallen victim to extrajudicial killings by law enforcers in the incidents of ‘crossfire,’ ‘gunfight’ or ‘encounter’ since January 6, 2009 when the AL-JP-led government assumed office. The Awami League in its election manifesto had said that extrajudicial killing would be stopped.

The victim’s elder sister Atar Banu said that her brother had been picked up by the plainclothesmen from the house of his sister-in-law in Narsigndi about 5:00pm on Monday. ‘We informed the local police of the matter and the police said that he had been sent to Dhaka. We later had to identify the body in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue,’ she said. Atar Banu also said that they had a land dispute with local influential people. ‘We suspect that the killing might have taken place after a verdict on the land dispute in our favour.’

The battalion in a release said three RAB-4 teams challenged a group of people at Chowdhurykunja in the area. The group fired into the law enforcers, who fired back, leading to a ‘gunfight,’ it said. The critically injured Azgar was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The police said a case had been filed in this connection.

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