Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 Killed in RAB 'Crossfire'

 Just after the meeting of NHRC Chairman with RAB and POLICE Chief
By Bangladesh Media, Two persons suspected of being pirates were killed in ‘crossfire’ by the Rapid Action Battalion at Char Duyani of Patharghata in Barguna early Friday. The deceased were Faruk Sardar, 27, a resident of Satlia at Koyra in Khulna, and Afzal Majhi, 36, a resident of the Patharghata town in Barguna.
Friday’s incident took to 204 the number of people killed inincidents such as ‘crossfire’, ‘encounter’ or ‘gunfight’ after January 6, 2009 when the Awami League-led government assumed office. The Awami League in its election manifesto pledged ‘extrajudicial killings will be stopped.’
Forty-nine people have been killed since the High Court on December 14, 2009 asked the authorities not to kill any more people in ‘crossfire’ or ‘encounter’ until it hears a rule it issued suo moto on the government in connection with extrajudicial killings.
The Barguana police superintendent, Mahbub Hakim, told New Age a joint team of the battalion, Coast Guard and local police, chased a motorised fishing boat about 3:45am on information that a gang was there. As the lawmen approached, the gang fired into the lawmen, who fired back, triggering a ‘gunfight.’ Afzal and Faruq died on the spot after being caught in the firing, the police official said. 

RAB 8 spokesman Captain Rakib said the both were members of the pirate gang Zulfikar Bahini of Sundarban. The battalion seized the fishing boat, three light guns, 10 bullets and sharp weapons.

Family sources, however, said the law enforces had killed the fishermen when they went for fishing. The bodies were sent to the Barguna General Hospital morgue for post-mortem examinations, the Patharghata police officer-in-charge, Mahe Alam, said.


  1. Just 48 hours ago we had received the news that contains the report of the meeting between NHRC chairman verses RAB, Police Chief.

    NHRC Chairman Dr. Mizanur asked them not to violate the limit and to respect the Rule of Law. And respectively RAB and Police assured him that they will comply with the rule of the law of Banggladesh.

    This is the picture of the assurance that they are complying...

    Dag's tail never become ....

  2. I wonder if they ( RAB/Police)have any service code or?

  3. Sub: A reproach against an Army Lt. Col. and some of colleagues who have been selling out the power of their uniforms providing multifarious assistance to a diehard syndicate responsible for committing abominable crimes that made our lives virtually unlivable.

    Lt Col. Rashidul Alom, Dir. RAB-1, has been insulating his relatives (monir) and a crime committing syndicate involved in land grabbing, lake filling, harboring creating criminals, selling drugs, bribery blackmailing, prostitution, vandalizing, extortion, loan-sharking, encouraging building code violation, oppressing, attacking and ruining a renowned family….led by 3bros (self-proclaimed Matabars Sheeru Shaulldin, Momean. They have satanically persecuted us for 7dissapated long years by keeping us from earning a living, stopping our source of income, garbling our land records, keeping us under watch round the clock, bringing mobs on hire to scare abuse us ruining our social status calling us insane to take away our credibility, not allowing and allowed other to mix with us, throwing full-sized bricks onto our tin-shed roof like hailstorm, bugging our phones and many more….to many departments we went to for assistance to no succor obviously Lt. Col. Rashid hampered its operation deactivating. Even phoning up to have the transgressors released from prison.

    Prior to the happenings Major Rashedul ALom came most frequently to Monir’s building with RAB-1 sticker posted on an extensive vehicle loaded with uniformed men in full gear moving around our house with walkie-talkies in hand and getting inside 2121’s building feasting on the 3rd flr. Just for the sake of showdown.. I distinctly remember marauding/myriad of times doubtful activities in momentum when Lt. Col. Rashid came veiling RAB-1 in font as a cover up to bring in/out luggages/briefcases inside 212’s building or putting within the cars of a black Nissan marked RAB-1 Dhaka Metro Gho 02-3303, Dhaka Metro Go 17-8548 and Dhaka Metro GA 174645 . What’s inside the carriers certainly no smelly undergarments? Times of Major’s visitation invigoration swept fashioning the street urchins taking their shirts off and dangling, dancing dauntingly with ear shattering music played on deck in the street while the syndicate members came out marching to the band.

    Observably Rashid is harboring presently a criminally attitudinized male specimen that happens to be a relative Babon son of Monir & Bilu a crime committing couple. For days he was unseen till suspiciously Rashid’s car D M GA 174645 shoved him inside. Question is who authorized him for misappropriation of government vehicle for his personal gain? A neutral investigation will reveal an exclusive array of Rashid’s role play as an insulator of crime and an ally of injustice.

    PS this is just a tip of the iceberg….