Monday, June 28, 2010

Many Thanks to all the contributers

We would like to say - "Thanks" to our contributors!

By Anwar Hossain, We would like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the contributors, who have contributed with the news clips, and other video footage. Which will be very helpful for our documentary on extra judicial killing name "Extra Judicial Freedom".

Where the journalists are afraid of writing against these extra judicial killings because of the fear of torture by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Newspapers do not report about extra judicial killings because of political alliance, the number of Extra Judicial killing is continuously rising! Innocent people are being killed in the name of Crossfire, Shootout and Gunfight.

We felt to make a documentary on the extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh. primarily our focus will be on Bangladesh. Later we will try to uphold our focus in the world context. We urged to collect video footage and news clips through our website and have got tremendous response from different media professionals from Bangladesh. We appreciate their painful work to support us.

We again want to say thanks to our contributors. Thank you!

Anwar Hossain

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