Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 policemen, 7 others face arrest for ‘crossfire’

 The investigation proves that Extra Judicial Killing is taking place in Bangladesh!

By Anwar Hossain, The investigation proves that "crossfire" is happening in Bangladesh. In the name of "crossfire" "shootout" or "encounter", extra judicial killing is taking place in Bangladesh. A court  investigation  reports says that a man was killed by police in Nator district,while he was in police custody and later it was plotted  by the police that he was a robber and was killed in "crossfire." But unfortunately not all the incidents are being reported or investigated like this way. BD News 24 reports, a court in Natore has ordered the arrest of 12 policemen and seven others for the cold-blooded murder of a 32-year man and then trying to pass it on as a killing in crossfire. Additional chief judicial magistrate Mohammad Aktaruzzuman issued the arrest warrant on Monday as a judicial inquiry found the allegation against the suspects true.

The policemen are former officer-in-charge of Singra police station Abu Bakkar, sub-inspector Liaquat Ali, assistant sub-inspector Pradyut Kar and constables Jasim, Asir Uddin, Kamal, Motaleb alias Sanu, Kashem, Anwar, Mofiz and Hafizur Rahman, an Ansar member. The other seven — Selim, Hanif, Firoz, Amzad Hossain, Kuddus, Rashid and Mozibor — are local people, who allegedly helped the policemen arrest the youth, Ansar Ali of Bamihal village under Singra upazila on July 23 last year.
The man was killed three days later. Singra police assistant sub-inspector Jasimuddin filed a case on July 27 with the same police station stating that Ansar and other ‘robbers’ had opened fire at the police when they had been passing by Kakian forest. Ansar was killed as the police retaliated, the police claimed in the case statement.

But judicial inquiry carried out by magistrate Mahmudul Hassan found that Ansar Ali had been killed in police custody. ‘He was not killed in crossfire. He was tortured to death at the police station in a planned way,’ the inquiry report reads. The report wonders how the victim would join with robbers in Kakian forest, 25 kilometres off the police station, when he had been in police custody. Ansar’s father on August 17 had filed the case with the additional chief judicial magistrate, who ordered the inquiry. 

Plaintiff’s lawyer Abul Kalam Azad said ‘The complaint has been proved genuine despite the fact that it’s very difficult to prove any allegation against the police.’ Main accused Singra thana former OC Abu Bakkar claimed: ‘Ansard had not died in police custody. We will face the matter legally.'

More that 1600 people died in Bangladesh in Extra Judicial Killing but law enforcement agency says they have been killed in "crossfire", "Shootout" or "encounter."  According to the agency, In every cases Rapid Action Battalion or police are being attacked first. Then they fire back. 

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