Monday, April 19, 2010

Govt asks HR groups not to term ‘crossfire’ extrajudicial killings

Government Reacts Like A Lair!

By Bangladesh Media, If you call a gentle man as 'thief', he will think twice before he reacts on your addressing to him as a thief! Same for a person, if you call him a 'lair'. But "A real Thief " or a "real Lair" will try to prove himself innocent immidiately after your addressing!! Same thing happened in the case of Bangladesh Government ... Trying to prove its innocence by repressing the Human Rights Groups!!!

The home affairs ministry has questioned human rights organizations about the source of their reports on rights violations and also asked them not to term as extrajudicial killings the ‘gunfights or crossfire’ by lawmen.
Joint secretary (political) of the ministry Kamal Uddin Ahmed on Thursday held a meeting with representatives of Ain-o-Salish Kendra, BRAC, Proshika and Bangladesh Society for Enforcement of Human Rights to exchange views on the ‘2009 Human Rights Report: Bangladesh’ recently published by the US state department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour.

Published on March 11, 2010, the US report stated the rising incidents of extrajudicial killings by law enforcers, custodial deaths and political persecutions in Bangladesh. The report mentioned references to some local human rights organizations on the incidents of human rights violation, particularly relating to extrajudicial killings and deaths in custody.

‘We welcome any initiative by the government to discuss human rights issues so that the situation improves… Being a human rights activist, I do not feel good the way we are inquired about the source of our reports,’ said a rights activist, who attended the meeting at the home ministry.

He said that the ministry objected the term ‘extrajudicial killing’, claiming that it conducted executive inquiries into each incident of crossfire. ‘Why should you term the gunfights or crossfire incidents of extrajudicial killings in your reports,’ said the rights activist as being asked by an official of the law enforcement agency who was present at the meeting. The rights organizations mentioned that they use newspaper reports and but do not publish any reports without verifications.

Home secretary Abdus Sobhan Sikder, however, said that the government would not leave the US report on Bangladesh’s human rights unanswered. ‘We will give a reaction to the US report. The joint secretary (political) held the meeting with the NGO representatives working on human rights to take their opinion on the report for preparing the answer,’ the home secretary told New Age on Saturday. Mid-level officials of law enforcement agencies, among others, attended Thursday’s meeting at the home affairs ministry.

Odhikar secretary Adilur Rahman Khan said the government would appear more repressive if it tries to create pressure on the rights organizations without taking steps against the rising incidents of rights violations that includes custodial deaths and extrajudicial killings by lawmen. ‘The complete picture of human rights situation in Bangladesh is not reflected in the reports. The reality is more severe than reflected in the US report,’ he added.

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