Saturday, February 13, 2010

Human rights and Awami League

By Jahangir Alam Akash: Bangladesh is passing an extreme situation. Law and order situation is now very critical. One after another university student killing have been going on in Bangladesh. Again the human rights situations of Bangladesh have been deteriorating. Killings are now routine feature there. In the same time overall law and order situation is going on out of control. Though the Home Minister Advocate Sahara Khatun told that, law and order situation of Bangladesh is normal now.

Recently a student of Dhaka University was killed during the fight between two factions of Bangladesh Chattra League (BCL). BCL is the student wing of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League. After this killing Sahara Khatun told that, it was a sporadic incident. Meanwhile a general view grows that, Sahara Khatun as a home minister is not fit for this post.

At least 75 people have been killed on Dhaka University (DU) campus since independence in 1971, but so far not a single person has been prosecuted for the violent deaths (Source- BD news, February-3, 2010). In DU campus the latest killing was happened on 3rd February, 2010. The killed Abu Bakar Siddique, a third-year student of Islamic history who was seriously injured during a clash between rival factions of the BCL at AF Rahman Hall on in 2nd February, 2010. He was died next day on 3rd February.

On the other hand, at least 32 students were killed in different student institutions of Rajshahi since independence including Rajshahi University (RU). Two senior professors Mohammad Yunus (on 24th December, 2004) and S Taher Ahmed (on 1st February, 2005) of Rajshahi University were killed by Islami Chattra Shibir (ICS). But, never real investigation and trial wouldn’t finish of these killings. So justice has always denied.

After Awami League coming to power Sharifuzzaman Nomani, general secretary of ICS RU unit, was killed during a clash between BCL and ICS on the campus on March 13, 2009. After then almost all higher educational institutions were closed for two months and 19 days.

In mouth to mouth of the people of Rajshahi was that, local Mayor and central member of Awami League AHM Khairuzzaman Liton were responsible for that incident. Sources said, Mr. Liton wanted to his loyal VC and Pro VC at RU. But, the government was appointed other professors as VC and Pro VC who weren’t loyal to Liton. So, that Mr. Liton was angry and he wanted to show to the government that new administration would fail to control the university.

Sunny, the vice-president of Chhatra Moitree of Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute unit was killed by BCL workers on 7th January, 2010. Chattra Moitree is a student wing of Workers Party which is the partner of present government.

In RU campus on 8th February, 2010 BCL worker Faruk Hossen was killed and other 20 were injured by ICS cadres. On 11th February ICS leader Hafizur Rahman Shaheen was killed at Shibgonj in Chapainawabgonj by bullet. He was accused killer of BCL worker Faruk Hossen of RU. In same day another student of Chittagong University, A M M Mohiuddin was killed by terrorist.

On 12th February a businessmen Yusuf Ali was killed by a Schasebok League leader Habibur Rahman at Nondigram in Bogura. Later general people were killed the killer Habibur. Habib claimed extortion from Yusuf. But, he has refused. Then Habib was stabbed to Yusuf. A BCL leader A B M Faruk Hossen was killed by bullet at Manikdi in capital Dhaka on 12th February.

In the same day a women worker Asma Akhter was killed at Mohammadpur in Dhaka. Before killing she was raped, it seems by police. On 11th February a small trader Abul Kalam Mollah was killed by Jubo League leader Sumon Bhuian and his associates in Savar. On 12th February at least 5 persons including a Schasebok League leader Saiful Islam were injured by a bomb blast at Tejgaon of Dhaka.

On 12th February huge clash were happened in Sylhet, Chittagong, capital Dhaka and other some districts between law enforcers and Jammat-Shibir. BCL activists were beat up at least eight journalists and photo journalists in RU campus on 11th February.

After the killing of RU student and a BCL worker Faruk Hossen at least 300 ICS cadres were arrested including two Jammat leaders from whole over the country. We know that Islami Chattra Shibir and Jammat-E-Islami are the main militant force of Bangladesh. They are well connected with some Islamic countries which are involved with militancy. Jammat-ICS also war criminals both organizationally and individually. They are the known enemy of Bangalee nation and secular force. So that, when February, March and December comes then anti liberation forces attack to progressive force by pre planed. But, why government machineries wouldn’t function to protect their conspiracy?

Actually inside of the present government have some influential Jammati minded politician in the name of Awami League or BCL. I want to share an example. Rajshahi district Awami League general secretary Omar F C (MP and new Awami Leaguer). His mother is a great leader of Jammat (Rokon). He was joined to Awami League on May 1, 2001. Then he obtained general secretary post of Rajshahi district Awami League. How it was possible we don’t understand.

And Mr. AHM Khairuzzaman Liton Mayor of Rajshahi is the paternal uncle of Omar Faruk Chowdhury. Mr. Liton was support to Bhangla bhai while Rajshahi district Awami League and 11 parties combined called hartal against militancy and killings-torturing of JMB. In that time Rajshahi City Awami League was against that hartal. And Mr. Liton is also general secretary of City Awami League. And those who were organized movement against Bhangla bhai some of them haven’t getting their organizational nomination of last general election for the post of MP from Sheikh Hasina.

And the people of Bangladesh have gathered knowledge on the politics of Bangladesh through last general election. Those who have no money, those who have organizational background they weren’t got MP nomination from Sheikh Hasina. But, those who were new comer in Awami League, those who had black money black business they were gotten nomination from the daughter of the father of the nation. Awami League didn’t obey to democratic system on last MP nomination, 2008.

Now we heard some gossip that, inside of Awami League and BCL have been working ICS-Jammat oriented people. For Awami League, BCL and other organization of Awami League should necessary a purity programme.


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