Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Difference between human being and animal:

Can any one tell me the difference between Human being and animal in context of Bangladesh. Yes in Bangladesh some Hyenas are killing some human being. If you dont know the difference between them, let me tell you about that.... So that we can tell our next generation that these are the animals that killed human being with out any justice, the dead bodies had the same appearance of a human being who looks like them, smells like them, talked like them, feels like them. The only difference were, they didn't have the black uniform which was bought by the money that we paid from our salary as tax. Not only from the salary... the poor farmers, rickshawalla, carpenters everybody pay taxes from their sweat smelling money they earn! They dressed and covered their different organs of the body with a black piece of cloth which was purchased by this money.

But the dead bodies... covered with such a cloth colored white, symbolic form of peace! Beginning the journey towards eternity. Cloths, that was the basic difference between human being and animals. So it would be nice to collect the name of the RAB Members who act like animals. And we could tell our next generations that there was a country name Bangladesh. There were some animals who attacked on some human beings and killed them while their hands were handcuffed. So that they understand and can protect the birth of animals.

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  1. Animals they dont were cloths but why these Hyenas love to were black cloths and Sunglasses.

    They don't agree that they are Hyenas. They want to say they are Human being but their act shows what they are