Saturday, November 14, 2009

European Union

EU to intervene to protect country's human rights

By Bangladesh Media; The European Union (EU), if necessary, will intervene through diplomatic efforts to prevent the extra-judicial killings, death in custody, torture, and other human rights violation in Bangladesh.
"If need be, we will intervene to protect human rights in Bangladesh but we would like the Bangladesh government to address the issue at national level," Stefan Frowein, head of the delegation of European Commission to Bangladesh, said on Saturday. 

He was addressing a program on repression prevention organized by human right group 'Adhikar' in the city's Gulshan area.

As part of their efforts, they would hold permanent dialogue with the government and take others diplomatic steps to prevent further deteriorating of human right situation in Bangladesh, he said.
Speakers at the function said tortures in the custody are happening although the government intended to show zero tolerance in such incident.

Replying to a query, Stefan Frowein said they would intervene in a deteriorating human rights situation in Bangladesh.

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